Technical Support

Melon takes commitment that complete system maintenance will be provided for the proper and flawless operation of the hosted solution. Melon will provide annual system maintenance within the terms of the selected licensing agreement and will remove at its own cost any defects caused by our team.

For the standard service level agreement (SLA) technical support is provided during business days/business hours. Higher SLA can be agreed upon request.

Changes in existing system functionalities, end-user helpdesk and ticketing system, as well as development of new system features are subject to further arrangements.

Standard business hours:

Working days and hours: Monday - Friday from 9:00 until 18:00 EET
Non-working days and hours: Monday - Friday from 18:00 until 09:00 EET, Saturday and Sunday

Response time:

Working days and hours: in 4 hours
Non-working days and hours: next working day


Support Requests are taken by email or phone call as follows:

[email protected]

+359 2 964 1781

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