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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does Melon Learning cost?

    Prices vary based on number of users and customization. Please see the Pricing page for details.

  • Which browsers does Melon Learning support?

    Melon Learning supports Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9+, Mozilla Firefox 4+ and Apple Safari 5+.

  • Which languages does Melon Learning support?

    We currently support English and Bulgarian, but plan on adding more shortly.

  • Which file formats can be uploaded in Melon Learning’s Library?

    We support SCORM .zip packages, Adobe PDF and Microsoft’s Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

  • Can Melon Learning’s interface be customized?

    Melon Learning can be branded according to your company brand guidelines in terms of color scheme and logo. The interface components are also easily configurable thanks to the roles that a user can be assigned to.

  • What are the roles that a user can have inside Melon Learning?

    Melon Learning user access roles define what one sees and what rights one has inside the system. A user can have one or more of the following 6 roles:

    • Trainee - the basic and default role for a learner
    • Author - a trainer role that allows management of the content only
    • Trainer - a trainer role that allows management of trainings and schedules
    • Reporter - a manager/trainer role that allows viewing of all reports
    • Local Administrator - a trainer role that allows full management for a certain group of users
    • Super Administrator - a trainer role that allows full management of the whole system

  • Can I import multiple users into Melon Learning?

    Yes. Melon Learning has a bulk import feature that reads .txt and .xml formats and lets you define bulk properties to the users being imported.

  • What types of reports does Melon Learning offer?

    Melon Learning has reports based on the usage, user, group, training or training material data tracked. It has a system statistics dashboard which is a portal to these 5 types of reports and a number of custom ones.

  • Do you support automatic notifications?

    Yes. Melon Learning schedules can be configured to send automatic invitations and reminders to specified users.


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