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Technomarket – Meeting goals thanks to Melon Learning

Technomarket is a Bulgarian retail chain for household electronics, office equipment, and IT products founded in 1999. Technomarket is an official reseller of all leading brands in the industry. In today’s dynamic environment, the company focuses on building a brand of choice, improving its position among competitors, and standing out not only as a desirable partner, but also as an employer.

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Melon LMS




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Flexibility and reliability were the main criteria for Technomarket when choosing a technological eLearning partner. Given the dynamics in the retail sector, they were looking for a solution that offered structured content management, training customization, an accessible user interface, and an effective evaluation tool and analysis.


Becoming an attractive employer and having an impact on the quality of service and customer satisfaction requires the enhancement of employees’ knowledge.


In 2018, Melon launched Technomarket’s eLearning system, which has allowed employees to be more flexible and better prepared for new challenges and opportunities. The platform has given Technomarket an edge over its competitors and expanded the company's training capabilities. An accessible library of useful materials and webinars has been designed for present and future employees, as well as a follow-up test to verify new knowledge. The tool helps prepare for the challenges ahead at a suitable time for users without interupting their workflow. The eLearning system has provided Technomarket with a clear method of tracking not only the effectiveness of the trainings, but also individual progress.


The goal Technomarket set when they undertook the project was to provide their employees with constant access to product information. They did it in an efficient, flexible, and accessible way by implementing a tool that provides users with materials without disturbing their workflow. At the same time, feedback and analysis from the training sessions can be obtained.


The Technomarket eLearning portal targets employees in sales and administrative positions in the Head Office and retail locations. Users are divided into different groups depending on their main activity. Since the initial development of the platform, the activity and the number of trainings have been gradually increasing. Technomarket is now running and scheduling two trainings each week, having started with one every three months in 2019 and expanding to three every month in 2020. Depending on the product category, each session is customized to a specific group of employees. An individual training has an average attendance of 75 percent to 77 percent. On average, 169 people go through each of them.


The implementation of the Technomarket eLearning platform faced two main challenges. The first was its acceptance from the team as a positive and necessary tool. To solve this problem, Technomarket focused on communicating the importance of it properly, raising awareness of its benefits, and implementing different trainings. This helped employees to see the system as an opportunity rather than an obligation. The introduction of awards as incentives for the most active colleagues also helped for the smooth transition. Another big challenge Technomarket faced was involving its partners in this project. Again, proper, and well-structured communication was crucial to overcoming the issue.

The functionality of the tool eased the process. The introduction of webinars enabled partners to actively step into the role of trainers and get feedback from other employees. A key tool was the ability to keep records of the results obtained and the feedback sent to the partners after each training session. This confirmed the benefits of the eLearning Technomarket platform and identifies the meaning of their work together.


Technomarket has provided its employees with an accessible source of information on important market news and improvements. Together with Melon, they have built a completely open and accessible library of diverse and useful training materials and tests. The results have shown that the platform improves team members' knowledge, confidence, and personal success without interupting workflow or increasing operational costs. Technomarket has differentiated itself as an effective, innovative, and desired partner. The project benefited the development the relationships with important suppliers. Technomarket owes a lot of its success to its partners because they would not have been able to achieve these results without their effort and trust.

Milestones for 2020

  • 31 trainings and tests have been delivered within the platform
  • There was 75-80% activity in each training
  • A total of 6351 employees were involved
  • 202 awards were given out to employees with excellent results
  • An open library was built which included a variety of training materials and quizzes

Milestones for 2021

  • 49 trainings and tests have been delivered within the platform
  • 12 webinars with key partners have been hosted
  • There was 77-83% activity in each training
  • A total of 7057 employees were involved
  • 276 awards were given out to employees with excellent results
  • The library was updated with 70 new training materials and quizzes

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