VIVACOM employs Melon LMS and enjoys solid time and cost-savings

VIVACOM (Bulgarian Telecommunication Company EAD) has a long-terms partnership with Melon for deploying eLearning software to be able to meet the goals of delivering timely and thoroughly trainings for all employees in any location of the company countrywide.

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The Project

VIVACOM approached Melon with the request to develop a series of eLearning training modules for fixed and mobile product groups back in 2006. Melon delivered a branded interactive eLearning software including a detailed overview section and several service-specific modules used by a number of departments. A year later, the telecom call center adopted our eLearning platform, Melon LMS, and in 2008, VIVACOM purchased a site license for Melon LMS to be used by the company countrywide. To this day, seven years later, VIVACOM still uses Melon LMS throughout the entire organization.

The Goal

VIVACOM was searching for an efficient, time- and cost-effective solution to ensure the training requirements and meet better company objectives. Given the company’s sheer size of more than 3000 employees, the need to train entire departments simultaneously countrywide and the target training audience, eLearning was the natural choice in tune with the latest human resources development trends. 

The Solution

Employing Melon LMS, not only allowed delivering training to their entire organization with minimal logistics involved, but also saved VIVACOM countless hours and resources allowing them to invest that effort in other meaningful projects. In addition to eLearning, Melon LMS gives our client the option to distribute tests and thus track knowledge retention. The automated reporting module, available as part of the LMS package, proves to be very helpful to our client in providing a comprehensive summary of employees familiarity with different business-relevant topics and, as a next step, in optimizing their training process. 

The Results

Melon LMS is a tool available to all VIVACOM employees countrywide, most often accessed by the Customer service, Sales and Technical departments. The eLearning content, which VIVACOM trainers create in-house using Melon Author Tool, covers vast material, most prominently product expertise, new procedures and soft-skills training courses and tests.

By their own estimate, over a period of 5 years VIVACOM:

- Saved 75,000 euros from hall rent and trainer fees alone.

- Recovered 1,700 man/days across departments, which would otherwise have gone into training.

- Cut by more than half training staff time previously needed for test-administering and evaluation time.

- Cut operational errors in delivering training by integrating Melon LMS with VIVACOM’s HR system (HeRMeS)


Current Activity

Actively in use to date, VIVACOM’s eLearning software keeps evolving:

- An average of 115 employees log in daily with an average of 180 total logins per day.

- An average of 1,550+ employees undertake training within the system each month.

- 4,400+ active LMS users at present.

- Vivacom adds an average of 69 new eCourses/Quizzes each month.

- 1,650+ eCourses created within MelŠ¾n LMS system to date 


"Melon plays an important role in setting up and implementing VIVACOM corporate eLearning management system since 2006. Melon delivers functional web-based solutions that combine an intuitive interface, stylish design and the required functionalities for a smooth eLearning management and delivery. Their system has proven to be very efficient in terms of employee knowledge retention and optimization of training spendings.

We’re satisfied with Melon’s professional attitude and technology expertise. Their eLearning know-how has delivered successful solutions for our HR training needs.

We’re glad to say that based on our experience with Melon, our relationship has evolved into a long-term partnership." 

Dobromira Manasieva, HR Director

eLearning Learning