Mtel Portfolio of eCourses

Bulgaria’s leading telecom company chose Melon for an eLearning partner and commissioned a whole set of modules on various topics.

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Custom content





Mtel has a long-term relationship with Melon, Inc. especially in building interactive rich media solutions, including custom eLearning content. So far, nine such courses have been built in areas which include induction training, sales, information security, and process and project management. Mtel’s training department uses these courses to promote learning management capabilities among employees.


These SCORM-compatible courses are separated into course content and assessment. Visuals and interactions have been developed primarily having in mind the target user group (ranging from call centre operators to department managers, from course to course) and the topic covered. Our team worked closely with both the training staff and topic-related experts from the client company to achieve these goals from script development to course finalization. The full potential of the learning content format has been exploited using custom video, animations, illustrations, photos and scripted texts with the goal of retaining both the users’ attention and the knowledge gained. Gamified scenarios lead the learner through an interactive storyline that engages and ensures retention.


Mtel continually use the developed courses for employee training and evaluation, and plan to maintain the productive relationship with Melon, Inc. when it comes to custom content development, as well as other interactive rich content.

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