Prototyping Your eLearning Ideas

eLearning Content Design Tips and Tricks

Read about the ABCs of prototyping to help you strip down crazy ideas to usable and applicable chunks of work in eLearning content development

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The Switch

eLearning Melon LMS

Read a story by our Head of Business Development, Silvia Andreeva, about how a big telecom company she used to work for before Melon, made the switch from offline to online training

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Motivation at Work

eLearning Content Design Best practices

How eLearning can make impact on motivation and engage employees

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A Brave New World of Sharing

mLearning Trends

mLearning is the next big thing. The mobile revolution swarms us with devices. And it changes the way we learn.

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A New Beginning


A welcome note from Melon Learning team

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eLearning Learning