Shorter, Quicker, Dumber

eLearning Design

There’s a blissful ignorance that surrounds us and operates our decisions in this head-spin racing world. Especially in business.

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The Power of AI in Bringing your eLearning Ideas to Life

AI eLearning ChatGPT Midjourney

The possibilities of artificial intelligence and technology like ChatGPT and Midjourney are truly endless when it comes to eLearning.

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Learning Theories in a Nutshell

learning theories

A few years before the start of the 20th century, different psychologists started formulating learning theories, or the ways in which we learn. In time three main ones formed and are still in use.

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Improving your digital classroom environment

LMS Tips and Tricks eLearning

As remote learning becomes normal and expected, digital classrooms need continuous improvement. In our article, we've given some practical advice for a better digital space.

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7 tips for improving your UX design

LMS eLearning Design Tips and Tricks eLearning

To meet your learner's needs, you need good UX design. In this article, we give some tips on how to improve your UX.

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“I enjoyed my compliance training!”, said no one ever.

Fintech Compliance LMS

Working in the Fintech industry comes along with a bunch of compliance training. Tedious as it can be, it is still crucial for the wellbeing of your company. But how can it go from tedious to fun and engaging?

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Ways to measure the real impact of sales training on your bottom line

eLearning sales training

Sales team training sounds great but how do you justify the time your sales reps spent off the floor and in the classroom? See ways of calculating the real ROI from training your salesforce.

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Learning in the small organization: a few ideas for an effective training system

learning SMB

When your business is just getting started, it’s quite likely that the budget you can allocate to training is close to zero. We share a few ideas for creating a quick and effective training system.

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