Ways to measure the real impact of sales training on your bottom line

eLearning sales training

Sales team training sounds great but how do you justify the time your sales reps spent off the floor and in the classroom? See ways of calculating the real ROI from training your salesforce.

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Learning in the small organization: a few ideas for an effective training system

learning SMB

When your business is just getting started, it’s quite likely that the budget you can allocate to training is close to zero. We share a few ideas for creating a quick and effective training system.

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Meet & Greet:The Video Production Specialist

Meet and Greet

It is time to meet the 5th role – The Video Production Specialist

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Tips for do-it-yourselfers: How to create deeply engaging eLearning content for your trainees

eLearning SMB tips

Are you the one-man-show of training and learning in your organization? We tried to summarize a number of techniques to help you create immersive, memorable training experiences.

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Melon Learning Major Update

eLearning LMS

Our clients’ needs are important to us. So, we listen and improve! Here’s all you need to know about our new features

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The benefits of less clicks-to-content in your LMS

LMS Best practices eLearning

What are the most important aspects that make an LMS a pleasant experience for the end user? The right UI and UX design are the necessary steps to becoming the obvious choice for an LMS provider.

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eLearning Learning