Meet & Greet: The Graphic Designer

Meet and Greet

UI/UX Designer


Basic design principles 

Every screen is a cocktail of elements that need to be put together in the best possible way to facilitate intuitiveness and understanding. For that, the Graphic designer draws from the fundamentals of design and its core layout principles. You can never go wrong when applying those.  



Another tool the Graphic designer uses all the time and is critical to understand and master is the use of type. The science and art of what font goes where, how it relates to other fonts, and how many to use at all. How to create contrast with type. How to optimize readability. How to improve on plain text. 



Color is a mighty tool that is easy to appreciate, but very hard to master. Still there are principles about color that can be learned and applied by anyone to achieve pleasing results. Like understanding the emotions colors evoke, the way they combine and contrast, how to use them sparingly and with intent. 


Creating visual assets 

Another important part of a Graphic Designer’s job is to create and/or edit the visual assets for the eCourse. This includes drawing custom illustrations, pictograms or icons as well as taking and editing photos. If the project includes animated videos the Graphic Designer is the person who creates the illustrations, typography and all other visual assets for the Multimedia Expert to animate. 


The need for the Graphic Designer to understand their role is not to be trifled with. Looks can be deceiving and only a pleasing skin will not do justice to good learning content. A balance between beauty and functionality needs to be struck. And it needs to be struck hard and with grace. 


Join us next time when we take a peek into the Video Production Specialist’s lair. 

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