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Melon In the midst of the lockdown mode, we hope that you are safe and healthy and you are not getting dispirited over the situation, but rather seeing it as a chance to start learning something new or finally make that digital transformation to an eLearning solution that you’ve been thinking about for some time now. Or even it could be the case that you have to do the shift now because your team and you are stranded at home and you have no choice. Trust us, once you’ve found an eLearning management system that best accommodates your needs, you’ll quickly fall in love with its competitive advantages and won’t let it go even after we all resume to our previous work routines.

The following months will be tough. We will beat the virus eventually or at least learn how to live with it but economies will need way longer time to recover. Thus, even if you’re not forced by the lockdown, it’s the right moment to start thinking how to accelerate knowledge, while minimizing cost and time spent on training. And if you are one of the many companies that need it right now, here’s why Melon Learning could be the right fit for you.

Right now

Melon's eLearning system is offered for free until Oct 1. In times like that, Melon just like many other companies, provides its product and services for free to help society deal with this unforeseen situation.

Every company that needs an alternative to its employee training can contact Melon and ask for a demo of our Melon Learning platform for online training, tests, and surveys.

Melon Learning is a genuine learning management system that stores and delivers learning and assessment content, and tracks and measures the learning progress. It is designed to manage corporate online training accessible anytime, anywhere. It is built around simplicity. Around making everything as easy and intuitive as possible, yet powerful enough in delivering everything you need for an effective management of all online training activities.

Our team will set up the system for you in 24 hours and you’ll be ready to use it in no more than 2 days. On the phone, via Skype, or MS Teams, etc. we will provide customer support to get you going.

You can test Melon Learning by clicking Try For Free.

Or you can contact Silviya Andreeva at [email protected] to get more information or a set-up.

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