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LMS Guide 2023

If you are looking for a Learning Management System, you’ve probably braced yourself for all the headaches and hardships you are about to experience. After all, with so many types of systems on the market, the complexity and depth of the research you have to undergo can take loads of your time and resources. Missing a somewhat small but important detail might lead to unexpected and painful financial losses, missed business opportunities and disappointment for your team and company stakeholders.

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way.

To help you wade through the flood of eLearning solutions and quickly and easily select the one that best fits your needs, we have put together for you a comprehensive 15-page guide to ease your evaluation and selection process. We have carefully classified and listed all the key points and considerations your organization should take into account before closing a deal with your preferred LMS vendor.

Buyer's Guide eLearning Solutions

With this handy e-book, you get:

  • An overview and comparison of the main LMS categories – open source, commercial, cloud-based, self-hosted, integrated and single-purpose ones
  • Main evaluation criteria to consider
  • The core features in an LMS - functionality you should not compromise on
  • The LMS pricing models: benefits and disadvantages
  • Tips on how to compile a practical LMS feature checklist yourself
  • A sample evaluation checklist you can use to create quick LMS comparisons 

The 2023 Buyer’s Guide to eLearning Solutions is now available to download for free!

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