Induction Training Can Be Time- and Resource-Efficient. Here’s How.

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Happy New Year Happy New Year to you all! Let it be healthy, joyful and prosperous! We’ll open up the new year with a quick walk into one of the most common systematic types of training in any organization - the Induction Program.

Say you have a continuous flow of new employees starting regularly at your organization – for example, every two weeks. The standard procedure when hiring a new employee is for her to go through a few-hour-long induction program. For certain positions it can take much longer that than – from a few days to a few weeks even. And here comes the dilemma you’ll invariably have to face. On one hand, as the HR of the organization, you’d want to be as efficient as possible, by pooling at least a few new employees to the induction program so that you don’t waste the same amount of time over and over again on individual employees. On the other hand, the line manager insists that the new employee gets quickly ramped up and is ready to start the job as soon as possible.

Oftentimes you waste loads of time with the company induction program as you need to run the training for every single new employee individually, sometimes every week.

We have already discussed in a previous blog post the 5 key elements for successful employee induction, so let’s see now how Melon LMS makes this process simple, time- and cost-effective. There are just a few steps you need to follow to assign a training to your new employee and then see the end result. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how you can assign an induction training to your new hires:

Create User

First, log in as an administrator in the Melon LMS system and go to the ‘Users’ menu. Here you have to create a new user. Although the system will ask you to fill just a few mandatory fields, we would recommend filling as many as possible. This will help you better manage your Melon LMS users at a later stage.

If you’d like to alert your employees via email when they get assigned a new course, you’ll have to fill in their emails too. You can update any of the fields for any user, any time.

In order to define the user role in the system, you need to set their permissions. A new employee should be marked as a trainee, and this has already been selected by default.

You may also choose to assign the user to one or more groups that may contain current or future courses, as part of their overall training program.

Alternatively, Melon LMS can be integrated with your Active Directory or your HR system and users can be automatically imported into the database and assigned to different groups.

Now that you have that new employee in the Users database, you can assign her to the Induction program. Select the user and click on ‘Assign Training(s) to User(s)’. From the list of trainings select the ‘Induction Program’ and click ‘Assign’.

Assign User to Training

And that's it! Your new employee can now sit in front of her device, anywhere in the world, and effortlessly go through the Induction training. You can then review her progress in the Reports section at any time.

LMS Reports Dashboard

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