A New Beginning


Since the beginning of time a door has always been a door. It is the symbol of transition, of change, of a new beginning. Here and now we’d like to open a door for all you passionate about eLearning. We’d like to invite you to our humble home for a chat. As our host duty demands we’ll try to keep you entertained, but most of all we hope that we can be helpful to each other. To communicate ideas, to expand our vision, to empower our dreams and ease our chores.


Speaking about engagement, the pinnacle of pinning your attention down have always been stories. Stories are a funny thing. You read them to your kid, you hear them on the news, you see them on the silver screen, yet somehow they do not get the credit they deserve. And if engagement is the name of the game, are stories a powerful learning tool or what?

Good stories are what make something believable. And if you believe in something, it becomes a part of you – you have the other key learning ingredient – retention. And it’s a multiplying retention. There is something about stories that makes you want to share them. To relive them in your own way and mind. Over and over again…

We’ll be thrilled to share some good stories with you if you come on board from time to time, but most of all we would appreciate it if you help us understand what moves you these days in the field of eLearning. What you would like to hear about more. What stories you carry with you. It could be as trivial as sharing our experience in the field, or as risky and elusive as foreseeing the future of education. Let us know. Let us make this a two way street.

Join in next week for a real story how a big telecom company made the switch from offline to online training. 

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