Melon LMS 5 is here!

Melon LMS is a genuine learning management system that stores and delivers learning and assessment content, and tracks and measures the learning progress. It is designed to manage corporate online training accessible anytime, anywhere. It was built around simplicity. Around making everything as easy and intuitive as possible, yet powerful enough in delivering everything you need for an effective management of all online training activities. It focuses on the core training workflow, yet remains flexible and customizable.

The new version 6 comes with a revamped trainee interface, a new Timeline feature, extended content functionality and a handy dashboard of all reports. Check out in detail below.

New Features

The Timeline view

See your schedules like you’re supposed to

The whole new Schedules menu lets you enjoy the ease and logic of stretching all that happens in your system within a timeline. Browse and overview what you have running, run and incoming and quickly reference the trainings in one click. There are the search and filtering functionalities you would expect of such a view. Oh, and your trainees get to enjoy all the timeline goodness too.



All new experience

for the trainee

Upon entering the system the learner will see their training in the new timeline view. This lets them have a better view of what is going on in their learning calendar and allows them to reach their desired destination with less friction. The color coding and the new way of presenting the available content are made more relevant for the trainee so they can have an intuitive time around and an overall smoother experience.



Reports dashboard

Meaningful and synthesized information at a glance

The new dashboard that welcomes you at the report menu is the logical starting point for your every reporting need while laying out the bigger picture of how your LMS is being used. Statistics can be customized for a particular timespan and there is even a live display of the system current usage.



New file types

for wider compatibility and greater comfort

Meet the new Library menu! It now can hold much more than the usual SCORM package, which gives you more freedom and lets you pick your preferred format while training. New content types include PowerPoint, Word, Excel and PDF and get automatically recognized and labelled for easy search and organizing.



Optimizations and improvements


Multi-browser and device optimized

Melon LMS 6.0 supports all main browsers and works just as well on mobile devices thanks to the finger-friendly interface.




through a cleaner design

All commands are packed into an always visible menu bar for intuitive and quick management. The system requires fewer clicks through the auto-save of all changes. Communication with the user is better thanks to the meaningful notifications and warnings. We have introduced many user-friendly controls and dozens of other quality-of-life fixes and changes.



Intelligent Search

Enhanced search and filters

The search field is unified and intelligent, combining several fields, auto-completing and behaving meaningfully. All filters are visually optimized and bundled in a single drop-down menu.



Optimized architecture

for faster loading times and reliability

We strive at making Melon LMS run faster and smoother with every release. We try to make it more responsive and have all data load quicker. Thanks to the improvements in architecture more users can be handled simultaneously when using the system.



User and Access Management

Flexible grouping

User groups management module and integration

All users in the system can belong to any number of groups, organized on any way the administrators see fit. Groups can be managed in almost every possible way for a flexible structure and better time utilization. Users can be grouped by function, location, seniority or any other imaginable category that would facilitate an effortless training process.



Process and content autonomy

Departments have their own administrators

Thanks to the flexible user roles that anyone can be assigned, the autonomous management of any training process and/or content is handled easily. Super Administrators have every right within the system while Local ones govern their own structure (ex. department or division).



Custom interface

Roles in the system see a different set of menus

For a simplified and optimized interface, every role assigned to a user defines the set of menus and options that user sees. For example, the default role - Trainee has access only to the basic Trainee View with options meaningful for their role. Or the Author sees the content management menu and can only manage the content.



Storing and Delivery of Trainings, Tests and Assessments

Rich Content

Seamless upload/download and organization module

Upload your SCORM eCourses, pdf or MS Office documents and make them a part of any training. Manage the way the users see them and track their usage.




Content categorization and details features

Resources can be assigned tags for easier search and management. If the resource format is SCORM compatible, you can tweak exactly how it behaves in the system, assign passing grade or passing completion and much more.




Training and assessment management module

Users and content are combined into trainings inside Melon LMS. Then schedules are created to define at what point in time the training process will occur. Every stage of this process is simplified for fast handling, but can be tweaked in many ways to accommodate different learning styles and specific needs.




Options for assigned or self-paced trainings

Every piece of content inside Melon LMS can be made freely available for any user to access at their discretion should the course or document be of interest due to career paths or pure thirst for knowledge.



Tracking and Reporting

Detailed tracking

All learner and administrator activities are recorded

Every single click that any user makes in the system goes on record and can be seen in the relevant report. If you need to know how much time exactly a trainee spend on a course, or when an administrator changed a property of a schedule - it’s all there for the checking.



Support Levels

We offer

continuous maintenance, support and upgrades within the scope of the licensing agreement and a free jump-start training seminar for your company after installing your copy of Melon LMS. Please contact us at for a specific enquiry regarding SLA parameters and various support options.


Default support level

The default support level, part of the licensing agreement, includes system maintenance, 3rd level support, and free upgrades of the Melon LMS system. The Melon Learning technical team will ensure that your system is properly configured, maintains optimal performance, and is reliably backed-up, so your installation is guaranteed to function trouble-free. 3rd level support will promptly address any functional inconsistencies from the defined business requirements. All system upgrades to the Melon LMS system will be delivered and installed for free within the scope of the licensing agreement.

Critical and 24/7 support

For mission critical installations, Melon Learning offers priority and 24/7 support at an additional fee. Critical support can cover immediate response and predefined resolution times for 2nd and 3rd level support issues based on the issue priority and business impact. 24/7 support can provide round the clock service for distributed installations in different time zones, and/or mission critical deployments. Please contact us at if you have an enquiry regarding SLA parameters and various support options.

System Administration and Help Desk

The Melon Learning technical team can also provide full service in running, administering, managing, and configuring your Melon LMS installation, by providing 1st level support hotline, dedicated ticketing system, and technical staff needed to operate the training business process. This can cover support tasks related but not limited to: authentication and access, training assignment and scheduling, course uploads and SCORM compliance, system configuration, alerts, notifications and communication, reporting, addressing users’ questions, etc. Please contact us at if you have an enquiry regarding SLA parameters and various support options.

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