Front-end Analysis

Your true learning needs

Your organization’s needs and problems can be addressed through good eLearning. By understanding what is important for your employees we can tailor a solution that propels them to great performance.


Jump start your content creation

Every LMS needs the right fuel to reach its potential. Treat your employees the way they deserve by providing meaningful eLearning. If you need help with the basic principles and best practices of content creation our team has hundreds of projects of experience below its belt and will let you in to all the tips and tricks that separate the mediocre from the great eLearning.


Mobile Delivery

For the learner on the go

If your training is best delivered on mobile devices our team can be a great partner in finding the right solution. Being part of Melon Inc. we have the privilege of working with one of the best mobile software developers under the same roof. We cover all major operating systems and can help you along the way of any mobile delivery.

Authoring Tools

Custom development

We realize your best case scenarios by developing an authoring tool specifically designed for your needs. From the most common interface and functionality to the highly peculiar training needs we will create a software solution that would be well integrated, lifetime supported and optimized for your own specific training process.