Tailored design, development and content solutions

We have tons of experience and expertise in crafting custom solutions for your eLearning system, be it Melon LMS or any other that you already have in place.

Well-designed interactive content is the key to successful implementation of every eLearning program. We’ll transform your paper-based learning materials into a great interactive course, combining effective instructional strategies, modular learning architecture and great visual representation. We can create and design your learning content from scratch, beginning with needs assessment, content creation and design, course scripting and storyboarding, and development of the visual nomenclature.

One size-fits-all solutions can never provide the personal touch your eLearning requires to fit your trainee’s needs. We offer custom design, development and content building solutions to help you quickly get up to speed with your LMS and deliver trainings faster.

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Instructional design

We work closely with your subject matter experts to identify your learning needs, define objectives and ensure the content we create meets them. We’ll structure your content, trainee activities and assessments into a meaningful learning experience that facilitates understanding.

We are proud signatories of the Serious eLearning Manifesto.

Instructional Design


UX Design

The eLearning creation process includes every aspect of UX design - from information architecture, through usability to User Interface design. We know your training requires good organization, navigation and flow. We’ll make it clear, consistent and readable, so your trainees can focus on getting better at what they need to learn.



Graphic Design

Stepping on your brand guidelines, we give your training character and elegance to stand out and be remembered. Our design team creates all the elements necessary for your eLearning materials to shine.

Graphic Design


Multimedia Design

Count on us for building rich user experiences, be it videos, animations or audio recording. Ensure your training content gets delivered in all possible formats and channels.

Multimedia Design


Game Design

Games teach us intricate motivation and engagement techniques; how to use feedback in the form of points, badges, leaderboards, rewards. Game design also gives us great understanding of storytelling, scenarios, challenges and structure.

Game Design


Content authoring

We build interactive, optimized and compatible eLearning solutions. Melon’s custom solutions comply with SCORM, AICC and IMS industry standards and are easily integrated with Melon LMS, as well as other learning management systems such as IBM LearningSpace, Blackboard, WebCT, SABA and many more.

Content Authoring


Quality Assurance

A dedicated team of QA engineers performs end to end testing: from business logic analysis and acceptance testing, through functional and usability testing, to heuristic evaluation.

QA Testing


Mobile solutions

Melon is your best ally in delivering mobile content. Leveraging in-house expertise amassed from numerous projects, we cover all major operating systems and can help along the way with any mobile delivery.

QA Testing

eLearning Learning