Behind the curtains


Melon was created through a natural merger of three software start-ups. As most start-ups, these companies were founded by friends, who saw an opportunity. The same values that were woven into the foundation of the company remain true today. At the root of our organic growth and good reputation are an open, people-first attitude and a long-term approach to decision-making on all levels. We know how to agree and to disagree, how to rely on each other and take responsibility ourselves, how to concentrate on one thing and be flexible for others, how to mix adventurous foolishness with rigorous reason. We believe that there are three main values a person should possess to be a good partner, employee or client: 1) being smart; 2) delivering results; 3) being nice.


We work in a spacious, downtown office which remains quiet most of the hours, but does have noisy corners for blowing off steam and being yourself. We respect the sanctity of the individual workspace and try to find workable, long-term solutions for situations where compromise is necessary. We listen and act upon the feedback about the working environment from those who share it with us and thereby adapt it whenever possible. Our guests are impressed when they visit, while we invest constant effort in making it feel more at home with time.


Our team is the sole reason behind the success of our business. This is why we value each member and invest in their improvement. We believe that for an intellectual job, once the basic requirements are met, what motivates people is reaching excellence in their field of expertise, having the freedom to act autonomously and recognizing the benefits produced by the results of their work. This is why we embrace learning and personal development, provide freedom coupled with matching responsibility and look for meaningful solutions in every project we take on.


We have a very flat structure. Top managements doors are always open and there are no holy cows. Joining a 150+ company can be overwhelming, but we try to make all newcomers feel welcome and part of the team from day one. Much of this depends on the people working on the next desk. For this reason, we encourage them not to hide their positive, hard-working and helpful selves for too long. We do not tolerate lack of integrity or destructive attitude.


As a part of Melon you are likely to work on various projects in all aspects - technological platform, client's industry, project size, etc. Of course, there are people who like sticking to long-term projects due to the inevitable sense of ownership this induces and there are opportunities for that as well. Most of the projects require work between different teams (UX designers, developers, QA team, client), so being communicative and keeping things in the open is the best strategy. We do not have strictly regulated working hours, what's important is getting the job done and on time rather than spending exactly 8 hours in the office every day.

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